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Results of quantitative analysis of Kratom done by MJB Botanicals for this product is an. Kratom, Mitragyna speciosa korth. Kratom Super Powder. Kratom.

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Sep 20, 2017. Read The Kratom Wiki Before You Submit. And, I think if it was advertised for sale, it would have been in either the underground, alternative press, or in the immigrant communities (Thai, also worth contacting might be mark/sputnik from MJB if you can still find some contact info out there somewhere.

Prepare Dried Kratom Leaves Bulk Many people think there are only three types of kratom: red vein, green vein, and white vein. And if you're thinking of the leaf's vein, then you're actually correct. Yellow kratom is not a vein color, but rather the product of a special process. While all kratom is dried and cured in preparation for grinding,

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